Reimplementing jQuery

Man, it's been a while since I've blogged! I have so many blog entries as drafts--a lot of them are about 70% of the way through, too! I'll have some posts on heaps, sorting, and Backbone that I will hopefully get to finish soon.

Job searching has been very time-consuming/stressful and it's bothered me that I haven't gotten to code as much as I'm used to. During Hack Reactor preparations, we were required to reimplement nearly all of the Underscore library and I really enjoyed it (though I have to admit, it was frustrating in the beginning).

So, I decided to reimplement jQuery!

Coding is really therapeutic for me and so far, this has been a great de-stresser. jQuery also makes me take for granted...everything, so it'll be nice to explore such a huge underpinning of the interwebs.

Anyhow, you can follow my progress here. I have appropriately named the repo yQuery.

I'll try to add a few methods every day but I cannot guarantee that.

I created my tests using QUnit, which I have never used before. It is a testing framework specifically built for jQuery.

I have been trying to get into the habit of writing tests before writing the code. Sometimes, it works. But other times, I find that my unit tests are pretty janky and that I need to think through them more. Maybe this will come with time, exposure and experience.