MVP Time

We are officially not Javascript-babies anymore.

Today we are starting our MVP (minimally viable product) projects where we have 36 hours to come up with...something.

I have an idea in mind that uses Facebook's Graph API, a Node server, probably MongoDB, and Angular. With the exception of the Facebook API, everything else is what we have gone over so I'm hoping this will be a good review for me that ties together what we've been learning in the past week.

My idea is essentially Coffee Meets Bagel but for making friends (dinners of 3+ people who are all two degrees apart). I'm calling it Dos Degree Dinners (is that too cheesy? Maybe I'll go with Two Degree Dinners). No, I won't pursue this as a possible company. I just think this would be great practice.

They said that we would likely have to cut our scope down immensely and it looks like that will be true for me. The 'm' in MVP does stand for minimal.

I think it's reasonable for me to scrap hooking up the Facebook API for now and just have a few dummy profiles & friends' lists to create friend matches from on MongoDB. I'm going to focus on getting the database and node server up today. I'll focus on front-end/Angular tomorrow because I feel like that's what I'm stronger at.

Let's go!