MVP-Time: Getting Node Up

There were some minor issues starting up yesterday.

I used Yeoman to create some basic scaffolding for the web app.

It was my first time using it and it was fairly pain-free. I ran into some issues mostly because I changed the name of the app (from One Degree Dinner to Two Degree Dinner) after generating everything and also some of the library sources weren't generated properly but whatever. Easy fixes.

Then Sublime Text unexpectedly shut down on me, which has never happened before. Luckily, I had saved and pushed. So, hah! Can't touch me, technology!

I also was able to get my Node server running (see picture below):

Then, for a solid three to four hours, I was trying to get my Facebook signup/user authentification functions to work. And, when I hooked up Facebook, EVERYTHING BROKE.

My Node server stopped running. I couldn't solve the errors that I was getting (and Google/Stackoverflow didn't help). So I decided to just keep it simple. Minimal. It took me another hour to get my Node server back to working. Thank goodness for committing previous work and being able to check my history.

So, Facebook is a no-go for now, as well as using MongoDB (even though I had already put it in) and will be "cheating" by adding the dummy users straight into my Angular controllers.

This is an MVP afterall and I need things to be presentable.

I got my views up and got some flesh on my Angular skeleton today. With a little bit of styling, my main page now looks like this:

Not bad, could be better. But at least things are working a bit more.

We only have a minute to present our projects, so I think aesthetics and the overall look will be rather important. We won't have very much time to go in-depth.

Two styling time- and energy-savers were Pixlr and Adobe Color.

Finding a palette of colors that look good and jive together really push your website a long way. Adobe Color was really helpful with that---they have tons of color themes you can choose from and provide you with the hex codes.

I then created my logo in less than a minute on Pixlr.


Ok, the backend still doesn't work quite as well (especially since no Facebook), but I guess Two Degree Dinners is going to have to fake it until I make it.