MVP: Recap

Our MVP project sprint ended with hilarious/inspiring/amazing presentations! We had one minute per person to demo our projects.

This ranks pretty high as one of my favorite Hack Reactor events.

The diversity and breadth of my peers blew me away!

Just some of the projects, to give you an idea of how awesome everyone was:

  • fully functional mock Pinterest website
  • language practice/flash card/translation website for 49 languages
  • band & event organizer website
  • flappy bird redux
  • 3d-ish maze game with multiple views
  • webRTC + image recognition to bring you to the amazon page of the product you take a picture of
  • lots of data visualization projects (oil spill tracking, hormones, shadows, etc.)
  • discount aggregator
  • RSS feed aggregator for HR bloggers
  • todo-lists, recipe lists, joke voting/creation lists
  • restaurant finder
  • shift scheduler
  • restaurant waiting/queueing app
  • views creator (for the most intense procrastinating ever)

My project, Two Degree Dinners, was presentable. I had lofty goals to hook up Facebook Authentification and the Graph API...or at least spruce up the local authentification a bit more.

But not to get too down on myself, I am pleased with how much I have been able to do. I couldn't imagine doing something this complex even two weeks ago but here we are.

Things I did:

  • Angular views, routes, factories & controllers fully functioning
  • Admirable effort in trying to hook up Facebook to back-end
  • Project hosted on a Node server with MongoDB hooked up (though not being used)
  • Decent styling effort--I certainly learned a lot more about CSS
  • Login/Logout + local authentification codes nearly done

Not bad. But it'll definitely be better the next time I write about it.

More code details in another post! (maybe)

Here are some more screen shots.