Deployment of Doubts

Today we are learning about deploying applications to servers, a topic that I have always been intimidated by.

Looking over the info, I already see a lot of things that I recognize but don't have good clarity on:

I'm becoming MUCH more comfortable with having to figure out a bunch of new technologies on the fly. The project-assignments that we've had at Hack Reactor have really helped me build up my confidence level in myself and minimize self-doubt.

Had a talk with some of the other women in tech during lunch and we unanimously agreed with this:

Women are often less confident in themselves (and their knowledge) and our barometer for how well we know something is different from that of our male peers.

At Hack Reactor, we always have thumb-checks--where we will give thumbs-up, -down, or -middle to show how comfortable we are with what we're learning.

My thumb is often middle or down, but I've come to notice that guys with thumbs-ups are often on the same page as me.

I will be less willing to volunteer an answer in class because I doubt my answer. And I'm often surprised when what I was thinking is actually correct.

Imposter syndrome in an Asian female developer. Could I be any more of a stereotype?

Off to learn about Grunt.