EVERYTHING Currently Under Construction

I'm in the midst of moving on-line things to new servers, etc. etc. etc. so apologies if things aren't working right/look real funky.

This includes my website, which has been in DIRE need of rework.

Moving the Ghost

I started today by moving my Ghost blog from being hosted by Ghoster.io (which is, unfortunately, shutting down) to being hosted by the home team (Ghost).

This was pretty easy. I don't bother hosting my blog myself (unnecessary extra work), so the move was quick and straight-forward.

Off to Heroku

The other piece of low-hanging fruit was moving my boyfriend's website (ok, ok, it's really my website that I jokingly made for him as a cheesy birthday present) to Heroku and making it unnecessarily responsive.

It's a pretty simple website: static page, no JavaScript. All I did was hook up a simple Node/Express server and pushed it to Heroku. Oh, and I changed the initial picture from him looking like a clown to him looking not so ridiculous.

Next Up

I need to figure out what I want to put into my personal website and how it's going to look.

Do I want to add a bunch of bells and whistles to my website? Or do I want to keep it pretty sparse and just serve up a static page like it is now? I kind of like that. Basic and simple.

You don't get that much on the web these days, but I've always liked a clean look. Fear not, minimalist UI developers! Your appreciation of simplicity is not lost on me.

I also have about a billion projects on my list of things to build: redoing/refactoring crappy old projects, fun website ideas, little short projects, etc.

I also plan on redoing my mom's website; right now it's on some mediocre WordPress site, which is kind of embarrassing for me.

And holy cow, not to hate on Wordpress, but it's just way too much (see above paragraph on simplicity). Too many bells and whistles on that Dashboard. I help update it and I'm SO bad at doing so because it's just such a hassle for me. I have to go to the site, remember what my username and password are, dig through the Dashboard to find what I want, wait for clunky WordPress to react, etc.

I would very much rather just automate it all--make some changes on Google Drive, get that exported, run a script or two, and then push it up to heroku or aws.